Services and Programs

Narvada Enterprises, LLC provides employers with human capital solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk. We can help organizations large and small establish, out-source and troubleshoot any and all essential Human Resource functions.


If your organization is experiencing any one or more of the below, Narvada Enterprises, LLC will work with your HR and Business Leaders to improve the efficiency and effective of the HR function:

• HR Department is not aligned with the Business Strategy
• The cost of HR Processes and Systems are high
• Slow delivery of HR Services
• HR and Managers/Leaders are not in sync

Our experienced consultants will streamline your HR processes, designed an effective HR Strategic Model to align with the Business Strategy and incorporate technology to deliver best in class HR Services.


Narvada Enterprises, LLC will help you design and build a unique organization focused
on gaining competitive advantage in a tough marketplace. We can:

• Define the key organizational capabilities that have impact on your bottom line
• Ensure trained and competent workforce for effective execution and new capabilities
• Improve Time to Market & Employee Engagement
• Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness of your organization to market changes
• Enhance Customer relationships to retain and improve business


Narvada Enterprises, LLC can assist your organization to identify shortage of talent and avoid high cost pertaining to recruiting and unexpected attrition. Our experienced consultants will design a workforce plan that will:

• Align workforce planning with Business Strategy
• Ensure that Managers/Leaders are provided with the right metrics
• Provide a breakdown of cost associated with talent
• Provide a workforce assessment


In order to drive employee performance, lower labor cost, retain employee and motivate employees to deliver best in class services, organizations must have a fluid compensation strategy. Narvada will conduct the necessary research and design a compensation strategy that will be in aligned to your HR Strategy. The Strategy will ensure that;
• Employees are pay for performance
• Promotions are performance based
• Recognitions and rewards are aligned with culture


Narvada Enterprises, LLC can help your organization with the recruiting, retention and development of your employees by ensuring that you have an Effective Talent Management Strategy.  What we can do to ensure that you have an effective Talent Management Strategy:

  • Ensuring the right employees are in the right positions
  • Top Talents are identified and retained
  • Employees are competent
  • Employees are compensated
  • Performance are measured and rewarded

Everyone has a reaction to change, whether the change is organization wide or specific to individual departments or employees. The more we know about the process of change, the better equipped we are to take steps toward accepting it and adapting to it in our work and lives.


Performance management is key to maintaining employee engagement and a high
performing workforce. Talent dependent business need to have a state of the art
performance tracking and management process. We at Narvada Enterprises LLC can
provide you with:

• An Effective performance management system underpinned by reliable performance data
• An in depth study of your organization, its current capabilities and recommendation for a comprehensive performance management system
• An effective performance system promotes retention and reduces cost for an organization. It also improves productivity of the workforce and provides forum for organizational focus which improves profit.


We will be able to design Competency Development Plans for all employees Technical, Sales and Support to help with Employees Career Management. This will ensure employees take control of their own development thus providing the following benefit to the organization:

• Employees will feel engaged and motivated
• Cost Savings
• Retention


Our consultants can help your organization in developing and retaining your key employees by designing a Succession Planning Process not only for your top Management but also for all levels of the organization. The process will also be able to identify the organization’s High Potentials and Key Performers. Once an effective Succession Planning process is in place your organization will realize the following benefits:
• Reduction in Attrition
• Decrease Recruiting Cost
• Highly Motivated workforce
• Reduce time to hire/promote


Competency Development Program will ensure that your employees are technical sound to deliver the organization’s products and services without any service quality and/or safety issues. We at Narvada Enterprises, LLC will design a program that will utilize the working process that is currently being used within your organization and where necessary identify any improvements, so that you can realize the following business results:
• Increase Revenue
• Reduction in Cost associated with Service Quality and Safety
• Increase Employee Engagement
• Highly Motivated Employees
• Lower Attrition


If you will like your organization to maintain and/or develop exceptional leaders, call Narvada Enterprises, LLC we will ensure that your organization has the system, process, development intervention and relevant metrics to make it happen. Having an exceptional Leadership Development process in place gives the organization a competitive advantage. The benefits that your organization will realize are:

• Increase Profit
• Increase Performance
• Lower Cost


We will create a Learning and Development strategy that will be in line with your business strategy. So if your organization have not previously inventoried employees’ competencies, does not have a catalogue of relevant and applicable training programs and have not spent or measured the impact of training for your organization, we can help. We will also design a distant learning strategy that will include virtual classroom learning and self-paced web-based training for both technical and professional/management development training topics. While the benefits are numerous in having a comprehensive L&D strategy the below three are the most relevant:

• Increase Employee Performance
• Decrease in Attrition
• L&D will be streamline to deliver on Strategy – Increase Revenue


The goal of human resources analytics is to provide an organization with insights for effectively managing employees so that business goals can be reached quickly and efficiently. The challenge of human resources analytics is to identify what data should be captured and how to use the data to model and predict capabilities so the organization gets an optimal return on investment (ROI) on its human capital.

Although most organizations have enough data to make analytics useful, the data is often created and stored in multiple places in multiple formats. There is no shortage of vendors who offer dedicated human resources analytics software products, but many companies simply create a custom data warehouse for HR data and leverage business intelligence (BI) applications on top. Other companies use data federation technology to aggregate data from disparate sources in a virtual database. (

Narvada Enterprises, LLC will design a process for your HR, Managers and Leaders and collaborate with any vendor you choose to implement a flawless HR Analytics process.


Change impact both employee and organizational performance, it must be noted that organizational change is very complex and it is not planned properly will result in unsuccessful change. It must also be noted that changes by any organization should take into consideration culture, leadership, resistance to change, politics and change model for implementation purposes. We at Narvada Enterprises, LLC will design a process that will help you realize the below benefits:

• Return on Investment (ROI)
• Boost Morale
• Increase productivity
• Clear Vision
• Reduction of Risk
• Low Attrition


We at Narvada Enterprises, LLC can help your organization create and implement system, processes and a communication plan to boost employee engagement.  Based on studies conducted by the insurance industry of two companies they found high-involvement management practices were positively associated with employee morale, employee retention, and firm financial performance.